Commuting Through A Construction Zone? What To Know About Auto Glass Safety

When you live in or regularly commute through heavily populated areas to get to work or school, road construction projects are likely to be frequent annoyances with which you may have to contend. In addition to inconvenient delay issues and the need to detour around some of the work zones, commuting through areas where road construction is going on can also mean experiencing frequent rock chips, cracks, and scratches in your car's windshield.

Unfortunately, some drivers who find themselves in this situation voluntarily postpone making repairs to their car's safety glass under the false assumption that they can just wait and have it replaced later, once all the road construction has been completed in their area. If you must commute through road construction zones and have been putting off having your car's windshield repaired or replaced, you should know that you may be putting your life and the lives of any other passengers in your car in danger. 

The visibility safety issue

One of the most common problems that arise from driving a car with a damaged windshield involves problems with visibility while driving. This happens most often if the damage is located in the area of the windshield known as the driver's critical area, which is most often defined as the area that is cleared by the car's wiper system. When there are rock chips, cracks, or scratches in this area, drivers may not be able to see the road clearly enough to avoid hazards that could cause an accident. 

The impact dilemma issue

Many drivers do not realize that a damaged windshield can also increase the chances that a traffic crash will result in a serious injury. Newer cars are designed to be as fuel-efficient as possible and often that means using lightweight components and materials. These ultra-efficient designs often include the car's glass as part of its structure.

When any section of the auto glass is damaged, it becomes weakened. If the vehicle then becomes involved in a traffic crash, the weakened glass can break and fall out, increasing the chances that the car's passenger compartment will collapse or incur more damage during the impact of a crash. 

Now that you understand the serious safety issues that arise from driving a car with damaged safety glass, you can see why getting a damaged windshield repaired or replaced should never be postponed. To learn more about auto glass replacement, contact a reputable mobile windshield repair service in your area. 

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