Replacing The Glass In Your Car Or Truck

The most common glass damage for most cars or trucks is damage to the windshield, but it is not the only glass that can break or chip on your car. The side windows and the rear glass can also suffer damage and require replacing. There are a few options for replacement glass that you might want to consider when you are ready to fix a broken window on your car.

New Glass

If you have a newer car and want to replace a broken window with new glass, you may want to consider taking the car to an auto glass shop and have them look at the car. Most newer cars use a urethane sealer to hold the glass in place so replacing the window with a new one is more difficult than on older vehicles. Having a glass technician to the work is something the best or even only option for these cars. 

The glass shop can order the glass, remove the remaining parts of the old glass, and install the new glass for you pretty quickly. In some cases, you may have to order the glass. It could take a few days or a week to arrive, but for common cars, most glass shops have a good stock of commonly replaced glass. 

Used Glass

Replacing a broken window on an older car is easier to do yourself if you decide you want to go that route. Not only is the process easier, the glass is often easier to find from a salvage yard. Buying the glass used is a good way to save some money and for a car that is not worth a lot, it can be important to get the glass fixed without spending a lot of money on the car. 

Many of these older cars still use rubber gaskets to seal and retain the glass in the car so you do not need a lot of special tools to replace the glass. For the moving glass in the doors, the process involves taking the door apart, but the seals are much easier to deal with and the doors are far less complicated to work on. 

Flee Market Glass

Another great option for old glass is automotive swap meets and flee markets. Sometime you can find rare glass for sale that you will not find elsewhere, and if you are restoring a car, you may really need a specific piece of glass. Check the glass well for chips and cracks, and if it is super rare glass, you may want to have a glass shop install it in the car so you don't damage it. For more information, contact companies like Chips Auto Glass.

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